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Frequenlty Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will EKZNW have unlimited access to my property if it becomes a nature reserve?

No, but terms and conditions regarding access can be negotiated within the agreement.

Will the general public have unlimited access to my property if it becomes a nature reserve?

No, you as the landowner determine the specific rules and access by the general public that you require.

Can I be assured that EKZNW can support the terms of the contract agreement in the future?

Yes, EKZNW as party to the contract is legally obliged to honour the agreement.

Who will bear the legal costs for drawing up a stewardship agreement?

This will be negotiated, but where possible, EKZNW will facilitate reduced costs.

What will the consequences be if I choose to terminate the co-operation agreement?

You will be liable for the total cost of EKZNW’s management interventions up to the date of termination.

What do basic extension services include?

General advice, support and assistance, as well as input into the drafting of management plans.

Will the declaration of my property prevent a land claims?

No, in terms of the Restitution of Land Rights Act 22 of 1994, should an area be under a claim it may not be proclaimed as a protected area until such claim has been resolved. The existence of land claim needs, therefore, to be verified with the Land Claims Commissioner.

Can I graze cattle in a protected area?

Yes you may, as long as the stocking rate is determined for conservation purposes (as apposed to commercial stocking rates), using grazing as a grassland management tool.

Can I declare a portion of my property as a protected area?

Yes, the stewardship mechanism allows an entire cadastre or a portion of a cadastre to be declared a protected area.