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Welcome to Injisuthi

Injisuthi lies in the central part of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site and is a four-hour drive from Durban and six hours from Johannesburg on the N3. Cradled between the Injisuthi and Cowl Fork Rivers at the head of the Injisuthi Valley, the resort is surrounded by spectacular scenery dominated by Cathkin Peak, Monks Cowl and Champagne Valley.
  • About

    The Mdedelo Wilderness Area immediately north of the resort is a unique, wild and remote mountain wilderness without any direct human impact. This spectacular mountain landscape contains many rock shelters containing the largest and most concentrated group of San rock art in Africa south of the Sahara. These paintings were created by the San people over a period of at least 4 000 years and are of outstanding quality. The paintings depict aspects of the everyday and spiritual life of these vanished people. Battle Caves, with its wide sandstone overhang, is one of the best-preserved San rock art sites in southern Africa. Guided walks are available to the cave daily (advance bookings essential). Injisuthi is the starting point of several extensive hiking trails leading across the mountains northwards to Cathedral Peak and south to Giant’s Castle.
  • Activities

    Guided Walk

    • Guided walks to the Battle Cave, famous for its San Rock art, are booked in advance and are limited to a minimum of four and a maximum of 20 people.
    • Please contact +27 (0)73 353 1459, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or or +27 (0)82 216 9974, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    • Overnight hiking routes extend deep into valleys and forests of the area and up onto the main escarpment, ensuring a pure wilderness experience with breath taking views and scenery.
    • Day hikes and walks consist of routes that are graded from easy to difficult. Some of them have gloriously refreshing rock pools to swim in leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.
    • The weather can change suddenly and become very cold so hikers are advised to be well equipped. It is strongly recommended to hike in parties of four or more.
    • Please note: The Mountain Rescue Register must to be completed before you begin your hike. Make sure you sign out again when you return. Ensure that you complete the Mountain Rescue Register correctly and in detail. It is very often the only information the rescue team has to go on if you have an accident or get lost. When you leave the park, it is essential that you record your return in the Mountain Rescue Register. Failure to do so wastes valuable time for managers during rescue operations. Your life may depend on this information.

    Trout Fishing

    • There are several kilometres of trout waters for fishing.
    • Trout anglers are required to pay a daily rod fee, which can be paid at the reception office.
    • Please note that only recognised trout fishing tackle and techniques are permitted.
    • Fishing is available all year round.


    • There are five caves, which are ideal overnight stops for hikers.0
    • Cooking may only be done on portable stoves whilst in the wilderness area.
    • Advance bookings must be made via the central Reservations office +27 (0) 33 845 1000
    • The Lower Injisuthi Cave – Maximum of 12 people, + 6 hrs/12km
    • Upper Injisuthi,Cave – Maximum of 10 people, + 8 hrs/15km
    • Grindstone Cave – Maximum of 10 people, + 3 hrs/5km
    • Marble Baths Cave – Maximum of 10 people, + 5 hrs/10km
    • Wonder Valley Cave – Maximum of 12 people, + 5 hrs/10km
  • Useful Info

    • Gate entry times:

          Summer (1 October - 31 March) 05:00-19:00
          Winter (1 April - 30 September) 06:00-18:00
          Fridays Summer (1 October to 31 March) 05:00-20:00
          Fridays Winter (1 April - 30 September) 06:00-19:00

    • It is essential to obtain an exit permit from the reception office before your departure.
    • No pets of any kind are permitted in the reserve.
    • No fires are allowed.
    • Hikers must also please remember that only official overnight camp stops may be used. Spades and trowels must be carried for toilet use.
    • No petrol or oil is available.
    • No wood may be collected in the park. Charcoal and wood are sold at the curio shop.
    • Limited basic groceries are available at the reception office. Please provide all your own food and drinks as the nearest town is Estcourt, 60 km away.
    • Credit cards are accepted. (Master card and Visa only).
    • No generators are permitted in the campsites.
    • Motorcycles may only be used as transport to and from the park or within the camp area.


+27 (0) 36 431 9000


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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