Giant's Cup Trails


The Giant's Cup Trail runs along the foothills of the Drakensberg from Sani Pass to Bushman's Nek. Some sections are steep but any reasonably fit person, including children, will have no difficulty in completing each section. The trail lies almost entirely within the Cobham and Garden Castle Reserves.

Small patches of indigenous forest are seen on the first day but most of the trail passes through mountain grassland with wide views to the crests of the mountains.
The trail consists of five sections with overnight accommodation (usually a farmhouse) at the end of each section.


Follow the N3 freeway taking the R617 from the Merrivale/Southern Drakensberg off-ramp. Follow the R617 through Bulwer, joining the R612. Turn right onto the R612 to Underberg and then travel to Himeville. The route to Sani Pass is clearly marked from Himeville.


At these altitudes nights are cool in summer and very cold in winter. Snow can occur during any month of the year. The rain falls mainly in summer, when mists and low cloud are common. Winter and autumn days are usually fine and warm. The weather can, however, change rapidly. It is essential, therefore, to be equipped to cope with severe changes of weather.