New Rhino Club Benefits and Costs

New Rhino Club Benefits and Costs

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Your basic Rhino Card costs you R250 per person (under 60 yrs of age) or R230 per person (over 60 yrs of age) for a year’s membership. There is no juvenile rate. There is also only one loyalty card, the Rhino Card.

Eg. An individual membership will cost R 250 (one person).

Eg. In order to receive the benefits, two people will pay R 500 ie. you will be buying two memberships @R250 each = R500 and ONLY THOSE 2 PEOPLE enter for free. However, as long as ONE of the cardholders is present, any second person can enter with you for free because you have paid for two memberships (eg. Your partner is staying at home and you want to take a friend with you instead.)

Secondly, if the Rhino Club member books accommodation, the Leatherbacks apply to their guests as well – but THE VALID Rhino Club MEMBER has to be present.

Your Rhino Card will have your ID and name on it, plus your partner’s ID, plus the number of memberships you have paid for eg. No. 1 will be printed onto the card where there is only 1 membership purchased; eg. No. 2 will be printed on the Couple card; eg. No. 4 on a Family Card where 4 memberships have been purchased, etc

This membership gives the member

  • the options of Last-Minute Leatherback discounts and other specials, when available (up to 40%) - The Leatherback discounts apply to all your guests in your chalet or ordinary campsite.
  • free gate entry to our Parks and into iSimangaliso Wetland Park
  • preferential Helpdesk service  and
  • the monthly enewsletter (keeping you up to date with Conservation issues).

Membership Options for under 60 yrs of age

Card Type

Basic cost of R250 p/person for up to 4 people

Surcharge of R125 p/person applies thereafter (maximum of six extras allowed)

No of people

Total cost

Individual rate




= R250

Couple rate (two people)




= R500

Family rate (two plus one)




= R750

Family rate (two plus two)




= R1000

Family rate (two plus three)

R1000 plus one @R125



= R1125

Family rate (two plus four people)

Surcharge applies

R1000 plus two @ R125



= R1250

Family rate (two plus five people)

Surcharge applies

R1000 plus three @ R125



= R1375

Multi-Card (more than one individual sharing a card; maximum of ten people)

Eg. A Multi-Card for 7 people (four plus three extras)

Surcharge applies

R250 per person for the first four people, plus a

surcharge of R125 per extra person

Max 10 people

R1,000+R125+R125+R125 = R1,375

Membership fees for over 60 yrs of age (pensioners) - Discounted price

Individual rate

= R 230

Couple rate (both pensioners)

= R 460

Couple rate (only one pensioner and one under 60 yrs of age R250+R230)

= R 480

Family rate (two pensioners + one dependant = three people (R 460+R 250)

= R 710

Family rate (two pensioners + two dependants @ R250 ea)

Add a surcharge of R 125 for any extra dependant

= R 960

 Contact the Rhino club on 0338451008/9 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=Enquiry%20from%20website">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Rhino Card  Application Form