Wilderness Areas

The Wilderness philosophy is a broad and complex concept. However, in it's essence, wilderness is the embracing of the singular spirit of primitive peoples and of an unmodernised era where silence and solitude, timelessness and unspoilt wildness, free from the impingement of modern technology pervades.

In wilderness man is subservient, finding his unobtrusive niche amongst the flora and fauna, the rocks and stones and in all of creation around him. Here man seeks to harmonise with the natural world, to utilise and not exploit, to enjoy yet not spoil, to understand though not in order to act destructively, to learn and grow without attempting to dominate, to contribute, yet not for selfish gain.

Less than one percent of our country's land surface is proclaimed wilderness, a sad indication of the priorities of modern man. KZN Wildlife has set aside areas in some of our parks that are managed according to stringent wilderness principles in an attempt to preserve wilderness for future generations to visit. It would be unacceptable if our grandchildren were only able to read about wild Africa and what it was like but never be able to experience it. Our commitment is to ensure that there will always be places where people will be able to absorb wilderness first hand, and be changed by it.

The wilderness philosophy is one of the pillars of our corporate identity, embracing a deep respect for our natural world, restoring it as far as is possible to what it once was, and preserving it in as whole and as natural a state as possible.

Wilderness Areas

  • Cathedral peak - Mlambonje
  • Garden castle - Mzimkulu
  • iMfolozi
  • Mfabeni - Tewate
  • Monks Cowl - Mdedelelo
  • Mkhomazi