1. 1. The Rhino Club Card may be purchased for the period of one year.

  2. 2. This card allows Rhino Club members free day entry through entrance gates managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (EKZN Wildlife) and iSimangaliso, for the number of people specified on the card. Proof of the cardholder’s identity (I.D. number, passport or SA residence permit) is required on entry.

  3. 3. Free gate entry into major events held within our protected areas, may be limited at the discretion of park management.

  4. 4. This card is strictly for NON-COMMERCIAL use.

  5. 5. This card may only be used by the person/s whose identity number appears on the face of the card, and is valid only until the expiry date which appears on the front of the card.

  6. 6. A senior citizen may purchase the card, but should be 60 years of age or older. Both I.D. numbers on the card must belong to senior citizens.

  7. 7. Replacement of stolen cards will incur a charge of 50% of the original cost. Replacement of a lost card will incur the full charge of the original price. Due to the value attached to these cards, an affidavit is required when claiming for a lost or stolen card. Any changes in the spelling of a surname, or the correction of an I.D. number bears a cost of R50.00 if it is the member’s error.

  8. 8. Only one I.D. number on an individual card and two I.D. numbers on couple or multi cards is permitted.

  9. 9. A non-refundable entry fee will be charged for persons wishing to buy or renew their Rhino Club membership within the park.

  10. 10. Overseas guests do not qualify for a Rhino Club Card, unless they have a South African residency permit or a South African work permit, or have family resident in the country
  11. 11. Access into any of EKZN Wildlife protected areas/reserves is governed by all relevant legislation applicable to EKZN Wildlife

  12. 12. It is a distinct condition of admission to any EKZN Wildlife reserve that EKZN Wildlife accepts no responsibility for any death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person or theft or loss of or damage to any property occurring within or arising from a visit or visits to such reserve however caused, and whether allegedly due to the negligence of EKZN Wildlife or any of its employees or agents, or arising from the use of any facilities supplied or made available or from alleged defect or utensil, equipment, services, vessel, vehicle, or other conveyance supplied or made available, or from any liquid or foodstuff supplied or arising in any other manner and from any other cause whatsoever.
  13. 13. The cost of the Rhino Club Card includes a contribution to the community levy, which is administered by the organisation

  14. 14.Guest data will only be used by EKZN Wildlife, for arketing purposes and to communicate with members.

  15. 15. Once off community levy and a night levy per night is payable by the guest on arrival at each iSimangaliso gate

  16. 16. Rhino Club members will pay a once off (per year) administration fee of R50.00 at iSimangaliso gates