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Rules And Regulations

The Nature Conservation Ordinance 15/1974 and the regulations made there under, provide inter alia that it is an OFFENCE to:

  • Enter into the Reserve without permission whether this is in the form of official authorization or as bona fide visitor in possession of a reservation deposit or conservation levy fee receipt;
  • Drive elsewhere than on authorized roads;
  • Introduce into the Reserve any animal, domestic or otherwise; Uproot, pick, damage, destroy, remove any plant in/from the Reserve or be in possession of any part of a plant indigenous to the reserve ( Wood is available for sale outside the main entrance gate);
  • Injure, feed or disturb any form of wildlife, or be found in possession of a snare in the reserve;
  • Travel in the reserve during times other than those stipulated in the rules and regulations: 06:00 - 18:00 all year round The above gate opening and closing hours will be strictly applied;
  • Stay overnight at any place other than in the Resort or a designated site;
  • Discard any refuse or article other than placing it in a refuse bin provided for this purpose;
  • Travel at a speed of more than 40 km/h on any road in the Reserve and more than 20 km/h in the Resort;
  • Taking of photographs for commercial purposes without the authority of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife; Make a noise between 21:30 and 06:00;
  • Feed any species including monkeys (we suggest you keep your windows and doors closed when not in attendance).
  • Portable Generators are not permitted.
  • Insect electrocutors are illegal.
  • Fishing is permissible only in designated areas.
  • Please Note: in terms of recent legislation all persons operating crafts in these inland waters must be in possession of an appropriate and valid Skipper’s License / Ticket.

At the discretion of the Reserve Manager, failure to adhere to any of the regulations stated above may lead to expulsion from the Reserve.