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Gelib Tree Mountain Bike Trail
This 8 km Mountain Bike Trail starts close to the camp and crosses over several small streams, taking one up and down a few fairly steep, winding gradients.
Once on the grassland plateau, breathtaking views of the surrounding escarpment can be absorbed at length.

The historic Gelib Tree is passed on route and is an ideal rest point. The trail ends near the reserves entrance gate and a short ride in the direction of the camp brings one to the day visitor area.Here the three museum buildings may be visited and barbeque facilities are also available.A short stroll down to the river ends in the Flat Rock pools where a refreshing swim can be enjoyed. The energetic cyclist can cycle a further four kilometres along the tar road back to the camp.Alternatively family or friends can meet cyclists at the museum. No extra charge is presently levied for use of the Mountain Bike Trail.

The Emandundwini Trail
This Trail starts at the reception gate area and it is approximately 12 km in length.Take the Trail to the Lotheni River via the Tebetebe suspension bridge. Once across the river, follow the trail to the left. The route is circular and takes you through a variety of habitats including protea savanna, indigenous afromontane forest and grassland plains.A number of small streams have to be crossed and there are a number of steep inclines along the route. The trail offers spectacular views of the surrounding Drakensberg. Approximately half way along the trail one has the opportunity to wander through a section of indigenous forest. This forest is a good rest point and is excellent for bird watching. The trail is well marked and distances are regularly given.
The trail should take about six hours to complete, this will also allow for a number of rest stops. A brochure on the trail is available from reception.

The Eagle Trail
The Eagle Trail starts from the gravel road between the hutted camp and the campsite and ends at Simes cottage. It is approximately 12,8 km and takes about six hours to complete if one includes a number of rest stops.The trail starts with a long, fairly steep, incline. Along the route sections of afromontane forest and protea savanna are passed, providing a diversity of plant life, which in turn attract a variety of bird life.Spectacular scenery of the high 'Berg can be seen along the length of the trail. At the highest point the trail doubles back along a grassland plateau and then winds down to the Lotheni River. The course of the river is then followed, until the trail ends near Simes cottage.At one point along the Lotheni River a large waterfall is passed and there are numerous pools for swimming. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. A brochure on the trail is available from reception.

The Jacobs Ladder Trail
This Trail starts at the reception office and is about 2 km long. It is an easy-going trail with only a few short inclines. It is highly recommended especially for family groups.The trail takes you over the Lotheni River via the Tebetebe suspension bridge and then runs parallel to the Lotheni River. The falls themselves are found upstream of a small stream, which runs into the Lotheni River. There is a large pool at the bottom of the falls perfect for swimming. The trail is well marked and it is necessary tocross the Jacobs River a number of times.

Canyon Trail
The Canyon Trail allows visitors access to the steep sided canyon, which is situated along the Bhodla River. The 12 km trail starts approximately 500 m from the museum, on the road to the camp. It takes you past the Gelib Tree, then winds up the mountain slope and leads onto a long grassland plateau.
Once on the top of the plateau the going is very easy with the trail ending above the canyon itself. The trail offers spectacular views of the Lotheni valley and the Hawk and Tent peaks as well as the Hlatimbe Buttress on the escarpment.The more adventurous may find a route into the base of the canyon and follow the river up to a spectacular cascading waterfall, passing forest patches bursting with life en-route.

Gelib Tree Trail
This trail starts from the same point as the Canyon trail and is approximately 1,3 km. The trail is well marked and is an easy climb, ending at the historic Gelib Tree. From the Gelib tree you have a good view of waterfalls on the opposite valley and also of the high Berg.

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