Lotheni - Cottage
Lotheni - Camp View
Lotheni - Campground
Lotheni - Snow Covered Peaks
Lotheni - Simes Cottage
Lotheni - Waterfall
Lotheni - Camp Exterior

Lotheni Contacts

  • Lotheni: +27 33 702 0540
  • Central Reservations: 033 845 1000
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Visit Website: www.kznwildlife.com
  • Book Online: bookings.kznwildlife.com
  • Reservations for campsites: Hospitality Manager, Lotheni,
  • Camp, PO Box 14, Himeville, 3256 or telephone/ fax: +27 33 702 0540

How To Get There

  • From N3 South follow the route via Underberg and Himeville, after which the tar ends. The reserve is 45 km from Himeville on a dirt road. From the north, follow the route via Nottingham Road. Turn left at the Nottingham Road police station onto the Sani Pass/ Vergelegen road. _+ 62 km for Nottingham Road, turn right at the Lotheni Store. The entrance to the park is 10 km from this point.

Lotheni Gallery