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Ithala - Ntshondwe

Management Objectives


  • The reserve is primarily a conservation area and its management reflects this.
  • In other words, the conservation of the various animals, plants, birds, insects and soils is of paramount importance.
  • The secondary objective is to allow use of the reserve for education, research and recreation, provided that this does not conflict with the primary objective of the reserve.
  • This may sound a bit harsh to you as a visitor to the reserve, but remember though, that without the professional conservation of the area there would be very little for you to enjoy.
  • It is management policy to allow natural processes to operate as far as possible.
  • Reserve staff only involve themselves when it is impractical to allow natural processes to run unchecked.
  • Veld burning and game control are two specific instances.
  • In earlier times, before the countryside was cut by fences, natural fires caused by lightning strikes or rockfalls burnt large tracts of land.
  • These fires burnt off dead grass and allowed fresh growth to take place.
  • All Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife reserves have a 'burning policy' which enables staff to control the quality of grass available to the animals in the reserve.
  • Fire, in this case, is an invaluable management tool as it also helps to control the growth of woody plants which would otherwise invade a grazing area.

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