Ithala - Ntshondwe View
Ithala - Ntshondwe Restaurant View
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Ithala - River Scenic Landscape
Ithala - Mhlangeni Bush Lodge
Ithala - Ntshondwe

Ithala Mammals

There are 80 species of mammals in the Ithala Game Reserve.  The following animals are most likely to be seen in the reserve:

  • White rhino                             Giraffe                                     Blue wildebeest
  • Eland                                      Kudu                                       Tsessebe
  • Red hartebeest                       Warthog                                   Zebra
  • Impala                                   Common reedbuck                      Vervet monkey
  • Dassie                                    Mountain Reedbuck                     Common duiker
  • Baboon                                                                       

The following are animals less likely to be seen but should be considered a bonus if you do see them:

  •  Nyala                               Buffalo                                     Waterbuck
  • Black-backed jackal              Klipspringer                             Black Rhino
  • Elephant                            Bushbuck                               Steenbok
  • Clawless Otter                     Honey badger                         Spotted hyaena
  •  Brown hyaena                     aracal                                      Leopard
  •  Oribi                                   Red duiker                              Serval

 Please remember that you might not see every species in the reserve.  The success of your game viewing often depends on your patience and ability to spot the animals. Try to look into or through the bush instead of looking at it, as animals are frequently to be seen in the shelter of a patch of scrub.

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