Horse Riding

Since the domestication of the horse, many thousands of years ago, man has used this animal for war and agriculture, for transport and communication, for sport and gambling, and in times of limited resources for food and clothing. The tradition of riding horses is thus firmly fixed in the human psyche and many people today enjoy the sport of riding horses especially in natural areas.

KZN Wildlife offers this opportunity in two different but equally beautiful areas.In the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park in the Rugged Glen Section of Royal Natal where visitors ride into the little berg through grassy valleys where the whistle of a mountain Reedbuck breaks the silence, up long slopes and ridges with wonderful views of the Amphitheatre and the northern section of the Drakensberg mountains. Here black eagles glide on thermals as they hunt rock hyraxes hiding on the ledges and rocks of the cave sandstone cliffs. The other area is in Spioenkop Game Reserve where visitors can ride among a range of wild animals including white rhino and giraffe, with views that stretch from acacia savannah across water to the peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains in the distance, often covered with snow in winter.

The reserve is part of the landscape where the Anglo Boer war was played out and visitors ride under the shadow of Spioekop mountain where the British expeditary forces had one of their biggest defeats of that conflict.

Rides go out twice a day from both areas, mornings and afternoons. In Spioenkop the duration of the rides is one and a half hours while at Royal Natal riding is organised to suit individual tastes and can be as long or as short as desired.

The horses and the equipment are of a high standard and good safety equipment and standards are maintained at the riding establishments in both areas.