Coastal Management

The sea is often thought of as vast, wild, unlimited, unmanageable and people feel that it can look after itself. The idea that marine resources will maintain themselves sufficiently for our future needs, while subjected to increasing exploitation has no basis except in WISHFUL THINKING.

Collapsing fish stocks and the disappearance of fish that were once commonly caught is testament to this fact, it is therefore crucial that our marine resources  be managed if we are to ensure their long term survival and sustainable utilization.

The Kwa Zulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service (EKZN Wildlife) perform this management function within the Province of Kwa Zulu Natal, through a contractual agreement between EKZN Wildlife and Marine & Coastal Management.

These functions are undertaken on an annual basis, and involves performing the following:

• Marine Compliance by implementing the Marine Living Resources Act (MLRA)
• Marine Awareness by providing information to users on management of the countries marine resources and the laws to ensure sustainable use.
• Liaison, with various sectors to ensure co-management structures are in place to facilitate management of the marine resources.
• Administering all the functions to ensure they are done within the legal and policy framework set by Department Of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) and also to ensure that proper procedures are adhered to.
• Monitoring the management effort being applied and the collecting of selective catch and effort data from fisheries in KwaZulu-Natal.

The long term successful management and sustainability of our marine resources can only be achieved through your participation and support of our management programmes. It is important that we conserve our marine resources before its too late.