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How To Enjoy Your Visit To The Full


  • Remember the small creatures can be as interesting as the big ones and that watching a dung beetle at work can be as fascinating as watching the rhino that supplied the raw material.
  • Observe all the animals and plants, large and small.
  • There are many insects, reptiles, flowers and other interesting things in these reserves.
  • Listen to and absorb the sounds and atmosphere of the bush.
  • Game reserves are havens of peace and quiet, and where it is possible to listen to the birds and animals.
  • Remember to look into the bush and not at it.
  • Animals are very often seen behind a screen of bush or in the shelter of a patch of scrub.
  • Read about the mammals, birds, trees and insects before and during your visit.
  • A little knowledge will improve the quality of your visit immensely.
  • Although the speed limit in the reserve is 40 km/h, the best game viewing speed is below 20 km/h.
  • This not only reduces dust, but allows you to approach animals without startling them.
  • Please do not to discard litter within the reserve (only in designated areas), nor to throw litter from the vehicle. Litter is unsightly and can result in injury and death to the animals.
  • Sitting in the window of a moving vehicle is extremely irresponsible and dangerous.
  • The roads are narrow and there is a real danger of severe injury from overhanging thorn bushes and passing vehicles.

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