Ezemvelo Strategy

Ezemvelo embarked on a Five year strategy in the year 2009 which is geared towards massive delivery by 2014. These are the Strategic Objectives which were reviewed and adopted by the Ezemvelo Board on 12 February 2010. These objective are aligned with the Republic of South Africa government priorities.

To improve the state of biodiversity in KwaZulu-Natal for the benefit of people (Government Outcome 10: Protect and Enhance Environmental assets and natural resources)

  • Conserve the indigenous biodiversity of KZN for the benefit of present and future generations

To provide quality conservation and ecotourism service delivery by being a well resourced organisation whilst striving for sustainability (Government Outcome 9: Responsive, accountable, effective and efficient Local Government System)

  • Increase financial resources
  • Optimise use of financial resources

To be an efficient, transparent, honest and accountable public entity with good governance (Government Outcome 12: An efficient, an effective and development orientated public service and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship)

  • Develop and maintain quality standards
  • Implement new services and products
  • Create synergies across business and support units
  • Integrate information management systems
  • Manage organisational risks
  • Manage organisational resources effectively and efficiently
  • Develop and implement knowledge management system
  • Comply with relevant legislation
  • Implement broad based transformation policies
  • Optimise strategic alliances with relevant stakeholders

To be the employer of choice through creating decent work and sustainable livelihoods (Government Outcome 4: Decent employment through inclusive economic growth / Outcome 5: Skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path) Attract and retain the best Human Capital

  • Create a culture of learning and development of employees
  • Implement best practices in managing wellness and related activities
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Demonstrate the value of benefits derived from the implementation of organisation programmes



Ezemvelo’s Annual Performance Plan for the 2016/17 financial year

Ezemvelo’s Annual Performance Plan for the 2017/18 financial year