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A place develops its own sense of being and part of that sense stems from the people who come and then go. Cathedral is no exception, the earliest recorded report relating to the Cathedral Peak states that King Moshoeshoe used Organ Pipes Pass to transport a gift of animal skins to King Shaka.

As a result of passes throughout the Drakensburg area including Organ Pipes and Mlambonja Passes, in a fruitless attempt to block them from further use by the rustlers. When the Cathedral Peak Forestry district was established in 1935, A.M. de Villiers was appointed as the first District Officer. In those days the road from Winterton to Cathedral Peak was nothing more than a track and teams of oxen hauling cars from the mud was not common. Forests were planted on the catchment areas even before World War II.

After the war the road which became known as Mike’s pass (after A.M “Mike” de Villiers) was found to be in good condition and an engineer by the name of G. R. Monzali was appointed. Work commenced in 1947 and was slower than expected due to the necessity for much more excavation and concreting then had been anticipated. Eventually the cost was almost double what had been budgeted for.

For many years Cathedral has been an ideal place to come for a camping holiday, with many day walks to choose from, or as the starting place for a long backpacking trip into the High Berg. Now as we enter a new era in the history of Cathedral Peak, the forests at the top of Mike’s pass have long since gone and the new Didima Resort emerges from the stone and thatch of the region.

Magnificent chalets with views over the Cathedral Peak Range have been built. Views that stop you in your tracks as you watch the changing mood of the mountains.

Mikes Pass Drive is closed for the public only NCS vehicle are perimitted to take guests at a rate of
R 60 PP minimum charge for 4 persons
Trip times are:
09 am
12 pm
16 pm

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