EZEMVELO KZN Wildlife welcomes researchers!

EKZNW is increasingly enlisting the skills and talents of research partners to develop the scientific information needed to make effective biodiversity management decisions (applied research). In addition, EKZNW has committed itself to making protected areas available for research that benefits science and society as a whole (including so called 'academic research'). To facilitate these dual responsibilities –"parks for science” and “science for parks" – EKZNW is striving to make protected areas in KZN more accessible to researchers. The following information and processes are designed to help make EKZNW protected areas more attractive and accessible places for researchers:

  • Support for priority research projects
  • Access to long term data sets and previous research
  • Research infrastructure
  • Research Associate Programme
  • Research and Monitoring Partnerships
  • Streamlined Registration, Permitting and Reporting processes
  • Research Policy (under construction)
  • Role of Science and Scientists in EKZNW
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