Coastal Fishing

KwaZulu-Natal's marine life is very rich and diverse making sea-fishing an enormously popular activity along the entire KwaZulu-Natal coastline. Popular destinations include Cape Vidal, Kosi Bay, Maphelana , St Lucia Estuary and Sodwana Bay. This warm water coastline offers launch sites for ski-boats at most beaches and shore anglers have the opportunity to catch a number of different game fish in waters that teem with the marine equivalent of the big five, including massive marlin and other game fish.

The fish size and bag limits that have been introduced still allow an angler to catch a diversity of fish whilst allowing the fish at least one season to breed (-> increase population) and minimising exploitation of any species. Sanctuary areas have been set aside inside marine reserves to act as a 'nursery' from which marine life can disperse and stock up other areas.

Inland Fishing

Fresh water fishing in KwaZulu-Natal can be divided into two broad categories both of which are regulated by KZN Wildlife.The first of these is flyfishing which normally involves brown and rainbow trout and which requires special rods, reels and artificial lures.

The periods in a year on which trout fishing can take place are regulated to protect breeding fish and the waters where these regulations apply are proclaimed.

Kamberg Nature Reserve is a very popular trout fishing venue for novices and more experienced anglers alike. An added attraction here is the trout hatchery. Kamberg, Royal Natal and Lotheni offer both river and dam fishing (dam fishing at Lotheni is reserved for the occupants of Sime's cottage only).

Injisuthi, Giants Castle, Cobham and Garden Castle offer river fishing. Highmoor is reserved primarily for stillwater trophy fishing and is closed intermittently for several months of the year to allow the fish to grow to a trophy size. This is arguably one of the most productive stillwater flyfishing venues in KZN and caters primarily for the more experienced angler in wilderness surroundings.

The trout fishing season in rivers is normally open from September to May, while dams are open to fishing throughout the year.The second category of fresh water fishing is referred to as coarse fishing and normally involves large mouth bass, carp and blue gill, all of which are introduced aliens and indigenous fish such as scalies, eels, tilapia and tiger fish.

Coarse fishing normally takes place at large dams such as Midmar and Chelmsford while tilapia and tiger fish are caught in the pans and rivers of Northern Zululand.

Fishing Permits:

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Ezemvelo) has a contractual agreement for Compliance and Law enforcement as from Port Edward to Richard bay with the Department of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries. It is DAFF that is responsible for ensuring that permits are available and these are issued through the Post Office. Ezemvelo does not sell permits anymore

The non-availability of permits also affects our compliance and law enforcement efforts. Ezemvelo recently had a meeting with Mr D Fredericks from DAFF who advised us that they had liaised with Government Printers to print permits were supposed to have them in mid-November but this has not happened.

All affected parties who may want further information relating to fishing permits may contact the following people:
Director DAFF: Sue 021 402 3911
Director Agriculture, Forest & Fisheries: Mr Stevens 021 402 3911

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