Injisuthi - Escapment View
Injisuthi - Resort View
Injisuthi - Camp
Injisuthi - Valley View
Injisuthi - Mist
Injisuthi - Chalets

Attractions in Injisuthi

  • Injisuthi is situated in the uKhahlamba- Drakensburg Park, South Africa‚Äôs first cultural and environmental World Heritage Site.
  • The exceptional natural beauty of the uKhahlamba- Drakensburg Park is evident in its soaring basaltic buttresses, golden sandstone ramparts, rolling high altitude grasslands, steep-sided river valleys and rocky gorges. The area has incredibly rock biodiversity including many endemic species.
  • The spectacular natural landscape also has many rock shelters, containing the largest and most concentrated group of paintings in Africa, south of the Sahara. These were created by the San people over a period of at least 4000 years. The rock painting are outstanding in quality and diversity representing the spiritual life of the San people who no longer live the region.

Injisuthi Gallery