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Activities in Royal Natal - Mahai

Visitor's Activities

  • The most popular activity enjoyed by visitors is hiking.
  • A map and booklet are available on sale at the Visitor Centre and main entry gate.
  • Climbing is a pursuit which can be undertaken by prior arrangement with park management.
  • Arrangements to be made in advance.
  • Horse riding is available from the Rugged Glen stables and bookings must be made in advance at the stables, or on telephone 036 - 438 6422 / 036 - 438 6310.
  • Trout fishing is available in the rivers as well as the Mahai dam near the Visitor Centre.
  • Anglers are required to pay a daily rod fee at the Visitor Centre and may only utilize fly fishing tackle.
  • Guided walks are available on request, at a nominal fee.
  • Swimming is perfectly safe in all the rivers, but is not allowed in certain areas.
  • Details available at the reception office.
  • The curio shop at the Visitor Centre caters for the visitor who wishes to buy souvenirs, as well as having soft drinks, frozen trout, ice, charcoal, wood and a limited range of food stuffs and alcoholic beverages.

Mountain Rescue Register

  • Hikers must complete the Mountain Rescue Register at the Visitor Centre before and after their hike.
  • Registers are located at the Visitor Centre,
  • Thendele Resort, Gorge Car Park and Mahai Campsite.

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