Activities in Ndumo

Visitors Activities

  • Whilst the reserve is best known for its magnificent bird life, game viewing can be most rewarding.
  • Species such as hippopotamus, crocodile, nyala, bushbuck, impala, grey and red duiker can also be seen.
  • Both black and white rhino, giraffe and suni can also be seen.
  • If you are lucky you may also see buffalo.
  • These are confined mainly to the swampy flood plain areas.
  • The bird life in the reserve is prolific and many tropical East African forms are found here at the Sourthern limit of their range.
  • There is also a wealth of aquatic bird life on the many pans within the reserve.
  • Noteworthy examples of the birds to be seen here are black egret, pygmy geese, white-faced ducks, crested guineafowl, jacanas and pel’s fishing owls.
  • Fish eagles are ubiquitous and their call accompanies visitors on their game and bird viewing drives.
  • The large population of crocodiles is a particular feature of this reserve and the area is one of the unusual interest to entomologists.
  • Visitors may drive through certain areas of the reserve in their own cars, or participate in landrover tours to interesting areas in the company of a tour guide.
  • Depending on the demand, morning and afternoon tours are conducted and arrangements to participate in these tours are made at the reception office.
  • For the more energetic, day walks in the reserve may be taken in the company of a guide and here too, arrangements to participate in these walks should be made at the reception office the day before the intended walk.

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