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Activities in Kosi Bay


  • This trail is a leisure walk within a resort where a number of birds can be spotted and takes visitors through diverse vegetation with swamps, ravine and trees.
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes and use protection ticks.


  • The reserve is extremely popular among the angling fraternity.
  • The majority of fishing takes place from boats as shore angling is only permitted from within the campsite area.
  • It is essential that fishermen provide their own boats and must obtain a fishing permit.
  • Fly fishing is becoming more popular among the anglers and "Tag and Release" is encouraged.


  • Kosi lakes are natural systems which contain large populations of hippo and crocodile.
  • Fishermen need to be aware of these animals as they move around the system in their boats.
  • Hippos usually spend the daytime in groups in the water and feed at night on the lush grasslands that surround the lakes.
  • Potential confrontations may occur with visitors as the hippos move to their grazing grounds at dusk and return to the water at dawn.
  • Fishermen should be especially cautious when negotiating the narrow channels between lakes at these times. Please refrain from speeding in the channels.


  • The reserve offers a unique snorkelling experience with a magnificent reef situated inside the mouth of the Kosi system.
  • Access to the mouth is via 4X4 vehicles only, or a walk with a trail guide ± 12 km is possible.
  • At low tide one can walk across the estuary mouth to this wonderful snorkelling site which is demarcated as a sanctuary.
  • The best time to snorkel is at the start of the incoming tide which brings clean sea water.
  • Shore fishing is popular off the beach or in the estuary. Snorkelling gear is available for hire from the reception office.
  • Fishing and spear-fishing are not allowed.