Ithala - Ntshondwe View
Ithala - Ntshondwe Restaurant View
Ithala - Ntshondwe Camp View
Ithala - River Scenic Landscape
Ithala - Mhlangeni Bush Lodge
Ithala - Ntshondwe

Activities in Ithala


  • Observe all the animals and plants, both large and small.
  • Some of your greatest enjoyment will come from observing the smaller fauna and flora.
  • Listen to and absorb the sounds and atmosphere of the bush.
  • Game reserves are havens of peace and quiet where it is still possible to listen to the birds and animals without being disturbed.
  • You may get out of your car, but please stay close to it as there are dangerous animals in the reserve!
  • It is advised that you would not move further than 2m away from your vehicle.
  • Picnic sites have been provided for your enjoyment.
  • Please do not swim in the Pongola River - due to presence of crocodiles.

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