About St Lucia


  • St Lucia Estuary is situated within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.
  • The Park is made up of a number of conservation areas, the oldest of which is the St Lucia Game Reserve, established in 1895.

What To Do On Arrival

  • All overnight visitors must check in at the reception office in St Lucia.
  • The reception office is open daily from 08:00- 16:30.

General Rules

  • No pets are permitted into the reserve
  • It is an offence to pick or destroy any plant, or to disturb or kill any wild animal
  • Visitors are forbidden to feed any wild animal especially monkeys.
  • Feeding wild animals results in the loss of their natural wariness of humans.
  • They soon learn to take any fond they can find and become bold, aggressive and dangerous and inevitably have to be destroyed. For your closed and that all food or edible refuse is kept of sight.
  • Action will be taken against any person found willfully damaging Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife property
  • Litter must be placed in the bins provided. This includes fish offal and scales which, if left on the beach or at the campsites, may constitutes a health hazard.
  • Please ensure that all possible precautions are taken against theft at all times.
  • Camping in any area other than an allocated, demarcated campsite is an offence and will result in prosecution.
  • No generators may be operated within the campsites
  • The speed limit throughout the park is 60km/h.
  • This limit is enforced for the safety and comfort of visitors.
  • No vehicles or motorcycles are allowed on the beach.
  • Beach permits are available for the disabled from the Department of Environment.
  • Due to the danger of sharks and crocodiles, no swimming or wading is allowed in the estuary right to the mouth.
  • Due to dangers of strong currents, no surf bathing is allowed within 100m of the estuary mouth
  • No windsurfing, sailing or canoeing is permitted on the lake or estuary waters.
  • However, provate operators do offer canoeing on the estuary.
  • The launching of ski-boats is permitted only from the St Lucia Ski-boat Club where a fee is charged for the use of the slipway. Any craft wishing to go to sea must have a valid sea-worthy certificate and the skipper must be in possession of a skipper’s ticket.
  • All boats used on the lake and estuary must be registered with both EKZNW and South African Maritime Safety Association (SAMSA) and must adhere to all regulations regarding safety equipment, skippers licence and buoyancy certificates. Boats must be powered by a minimum 15 hp motors and have minimum size requirements, length of 3,6 m beam of 1,2 m and freeboard of 45 cm.
  • Any form of commercial undertaking is prohibited within the Park, unless authorised by the Isimangaliso Wetland Park authority.
  • Malaria Precaution: Visitors are also urged to consult their medical practitioner regarding precautions against malaria before, during and after a visit to the Park.
  • Bait licences, Beach Permits and Boats Registrations: Licenses for fishing and the collection of bait are required and are obtained from the office.
  • Permits are required for vehicle access to the beach.
  • All boats must be inspected and registered with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife before use on the estuary and lake.
  • Note that skippers licence, SAMSA registration and approved safety equipment relating to the Act is a pre-requisite

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