Amatigulu - Safari Tent Exterior View
Amatigulu - Safari Tent View
Amatigulu - Safari Tent Interior View
Amatigulu - River View
Amatigulu - Zebras
Amatigulu - Campsite

About Amatigulu


  • Amatigulu Nature Reserve is situated in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal between the Tugela and Amatigulu river mouths. The Reserve is approximately 100km from Durban is one of the few places in Southern Africa where wildlife can be viewed feeding on forested dunes overlooking the sea

What To Do On Arrival

  • On arrival please report to the reception office in order to take up your accommodation. The office is open form 08:00- 16:00 daily. Entrance fees must be paid at the office.
  • Accommodation must be taken up after 12:00 on a day of arrival and vacated by 10:00 on day of departure. Visitors who arrive late must take up accommodation and report to the reception office before 10:00 the following day.


  • No pets are allowed in the reserve
  • There is a general dealer approximately 1 km from the entrance gate, while petrol may only purchased at Gingindlovu approximately 20 km from the reserve
  • There is a risk of malaria in the area and is recognized prophylactics should be taken before entering this Reserve
  • Due to the presence of crocodiles in some areas of the estuary, swimming in the recommended
  • Vehicles must be kept to designated visitors roads. The speed limit in the reserve is 15 km/h
  • The entrance gate closes between sunset and sunrise, hence driving is not permitted in the reserve between sunset and sunrise
  • Please declare Firearms on arrival
  • Noise to be kept
  • Generators are not allowed
  • It is an offense to willfully disturb any animal or bird and under no circumstances may any trees, pants or shrubs be removed or damaged.
  • No firewood may be collected in the reserve. Charcoal and firewood may be purchased at the reception office. No fires permitted other than in designated areas.
  • Education or interest groups to be under supervision at all times.
  • Please familiarize yourself with fishing regulations and ensure that you have the necessary permits.
  • Littering is an offence and offenders will prosecuted

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