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Cobham - Campsite

Accommodation in Cobham

Accommodation - Camping And Caves

  • The campsite at Cobham is an rustic open area where visitors can put up tents or caravans anywhere within the designated limits.
  • There is a small ablution block with hot water showers and toilets.
  • Cobham has a number of caves which accommodate a maximum of 12 people on overnight hikes.
  • These caves are reached by three-to-fivehour walks from the office.
  • Fires may not be made in the wilderness area or in caves.

Accommodation - Giant's Cup Trail

  • The Giant's Cup Trail runs along the foothills of the Drakensberg.
  • It starts at Sani Pass and ends at Bushman’s Nek.
  • The majority of the trail lies almost entirely within the Cobham and Garden Castle Reserves.
  • The trail consists of five sections with overnight accommodation (30 beds in each of the five huts) available at the end of each section.

Mountain Rescue Register

  • For visitors own safety, the Mountain Rescue Register must be filled in.
  • Visitors must ensure that their return is noted to avoid an unnecessary search being launched.
  • Hikers should hike in parties of three or more individuals.

What To Bring

  • Cobham has a curio shop which sells curios and refreshments.
  • Visitors are advised to bring their own equipment.
  • Cold weather clothing and equipment is advisable throughout the year and is essential during winter months.

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